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Laser Tag Sets

Laser tag is an interactive game that allows opponents to shoot and “kill” each other, without the nasty side effect of actually dying. It has been around, in one form or another, since the early 1980’s; but recently it has seen a bit of resurgence in popularity. From full-blown arena games, to outdoor combat, it is a game that has a little something for everyone. is your one stop headquarters for all things laser tag. We love the game for many reasons, ranging from the exercise to the sheer thrill of hunting down an opponent. As a result, we have built this website as an information resource for anyone that wants to join the fray. We try to provide information in as non-biased a manner as possible, and we do not endorse any specific company or product.

“Laser tag”, as a term, was first used to the Worlds of Wonder Company as the name for the game they first introduced in 1986. However, the idea of playing “tag” through the use of infrared devices was actually first introduced in 1979 by Milton Bradley. But because of the popularity of the World of Wonders version, the term “laser tag” became the generic word for every such-styled game. Since that time, there have been many other manufacturers that have created their own versions, with some being significantly more high tech.

For those that are just starting out, laser tag sets are often the best way to go. These sets are ideal because they come prepackaged with everything you need for game play, including the gun and the hit sensor. It is important to remember that not all laser tag systems are created equal, and as such one should do a bit of research before spending their hard earned money.

If you’re only going to be a casual player, buying inexpensive laser tag systems is probably the best option. These systems work quite well, but they aren’t built to withstand a whole lot of abuse. They are often made from inexpensive plastics that can crack and break with only a small impact. But, if you’re not planning on taking them out for regular mock-combat, they should be sufficient.

Laser tag guns can also be purchased for those that require durability and performance. If you have the budget, guns can be found that are made from extreme high-impact plastics and with numerous onboard features. These features can range from telescopic scopes for picking off opponents from hundreds of yards away to LCD screens that can relay a host of game play information such as number of hits, enemy locations and the ability to tell friend from foe. The materials used in the manufacturing process, combined with the high-tech features that are available can often end up making these guns quite expensive.

Laser tag sets can provide hours and hours of quality entertainment for you, your friends and your family. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of laser tag gear, please feel free to browse through the various sections of our website. There you will find a host of detailed information relating to most aspects of laser tag. If you want to go all out, and get down and dirty, try paintball instead. It is the same basic game, only with paintballs. You can find paintball gear at a local sports shop, but it may be less expensive online.

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